video load times in patch of 30 (

    Mar 31 2017 | 7:20 pm
    I had a recent project where students built "concept maps" in Max. Concept maps represent knowledge composed of a graph of nodes and relations. I thought Max would be a nice way to compose such a map, and most students used images (which could be embedded in the patch via [fpic]). One student used looped video segments, though, and this has caused huge delays when loading his patch. I asked him to cut down the length of each video (
    At first, the issue on my end was seeing his videos (he uses []). Since I didn't see a way to embed video inside the patch, I ended up copying his videos to the same file level as his patches. Then they loaded, but take very long. I avoided putting his videos in the Media part of the Cycling Max app since I don't think I want extraneous student videos inside my Max app structure. Rather the videos should be part of his directory where the patches are stored.
    Here is a link in case anyone wants to load. After loading, click on "Project3.maxpat" . All video files have been placed in the same folder:

    • Apr 04 2017 | 4:46 pm
      i'm unsure what you are asking.
      to make projects and media portable across machines it's recommended to use Projects.
      loading 30 videos will take time. using "asyncread" instead of "read" should at least keep the UI responsive while they are loading. i would also disable @autostart until all the videos are loaded (determined by the "read" notification out of i would also take this opportunity to teach your student about reusable abstractions.