wacom tablet pen pressure

    Nov 23 2020 | 4:23 pm
    Hi all The s2m wacom object is real old now, I've been trying for months to get my app past apple notarization but the s2m.wacom object is too old to fly. Anyone have any hunches how I might get around this? Some other way to read the wacom pen pressure?

    • Aug 02 2022 | 8:21 pm
      Any leads? s2m.wacom no longer works at all, I'm really beating my head against a wall
    • Sep 13 2022 | 9:34 am
      I've just been working on resurrecting [s2m.wacom] to run on my m1 machine. Here's a newly compiled version (x86_64, arm64): https://vboehm.net/downloads/ (it's in the max-thirdParty_externals package).
      If a dialogue comes up to ask for the permission to send AppleEvents, press 'allow' - otherwise you'll be lost... Would be interesting to hear how/if it works for you, if you try it.
    • Sep 13 2022 | 12:28 pm
      Volker thank you!! I've tested it using an M2 macbook with a cintiq and an older intuos-- they all work beautifully
    • Sep 14 2022 | 6:41 am
      Great to hear that!
    • Sep 24 2022 | 8:56 pm
      Volker - thank you so much for this update! Are you (or Ted) able to see z-axis values come through? s2m.wacom is able to report x/y beautifully, but there don't seem to be any pressure values coming in on my 2019 Intel MBP.