Warning: Serious MacOS 10.3 (High Sierra) and Max for Live incompatibility issue

    Sep 29 2017 | 4:12 pm
    On MacOS 10.13: High Sierra there is an issue that currently prevents loading Max devices into Live.
    We've been in touch with Ableton about this issue and it appears to be related to how 10.13 is handling code-signing of 3rd party apps, in this case Max within Live. The Ableton team is working on a fix as soon as it is available we will let you know.
    In the meantime, we recommend that you avoid updating to High Sierra. If you already have, you will need to either downgrade to 10.12 to continue M4L work or to wait for an update to Live.

    • Oct 02 2017 | 10:33 am
      Hi Cory,
      You know something new about this problem? It's really important for most users. I really can't work because I use a lot M4L plugins like Convolusion Reverb... I installed fresh macOS High Sierra and it doesn't work.
      Best, David
    • Oct 06 2017 | 10:07 am
      thanks for this warning!
    • Oct 07 2017 | 3:07 pm
      Or stop updating totally… ;-)
    • Oct 08 2017 | 12:26 am
      any news? I was hoping on playing a show tomorrow on a brand new computer with 10.13, but nothing works :(
    • Oct 10 2017 | 4:06 pm
      Hi everyone, we're still waiting on an official fix, but send us an email in support and we can try some things out with you.
    • Oct 10 2017 | 8:15 pm
      Is this totally unrelated to this help article? The symptoms are somewhat vague here.
    • Oct 13 2017 | 1:19 pm
      Mac osx was a good so , but now windows seem to be more flexible , appla has lose his path , computer now is only a game stuff
    • Oct 13 2017 | 5:23 pm
      @M STROMKRAFT - yes, that is the same issue. Anyone who wants to try ahead of the official update can follow the steps in the Ableton article to work around the issue.
    • Oct 23 2017 | 8:14 pm
      Just a heads up that we have released an update to Max 7.3.4 to fix this issue. You can read more about it on this post: https://cycling74.com/forums/max-7%C2%B73%C2%B74-update-%C2%ABmax-for-live-mac-os-10%C2%B713-high-sierra-compatibility%C2%BB