Webside work needed for Max Project


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    Sep 08 2022 | 5:45 pm
    I need a web interface to work with a public art project I am doing. Let me explain the piece and anyone interested can contact me if it's within your skill set and you are interested in working on it.
    I have a Max Patch running on a server that creates generative musical compositions in real time. The software simultaneously streams the music (Shoutcast) and creates an aiff file. What I would like is to make it possible to point one's phone at a QR code (or point one's browser at a web page) and be able to "claim" the music. Perhaps this would be by the user entering their email, and having the music file emailed to them.
    The trick is that only one person can claim each piece of music, so if the Maxpatch creates and plays "Song100", then "Song100" is available for claiming, but as soon as it is claimed, then anyone visiting the site would have to wait until the Software created and played "Song101",
    Let me know if you are interested or have more questions. I am happy to pay a reasonable rate, but I should also note that this might need to be done in the next 2-3 weeks.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    John Reed/Jawnypants