weird VIDDLL sound behaviour /bug?

    Mar 24 2020 | 8:46 pm
    Hi dear Maxers! I am preparing some lectures, I wanted to show to my students how to trigger videos and I noticed a weird behaviour while using the VIDDLL engine: I had 3 videos loaded in 3 movies and I randomly triggered them via (frame 0,start) message, after I while I noticed a weird volume balance and I recognised that some videos went up with their volume. After some testing I heard sometimes some double triggering of the audio content and I had the feeling the was randomly stacking up / loading more the one audio track per video (but this is just a feeling) I also recognised that if loading the same video in the same moment in 3 jit.movies the sound problem happens (at least on my computer -16inch MacBook latest macOS [10.15.2], latest MAX [8.1.3]) patch:

    • Mar 25 2020 | 5:28 pm
      sounds to me like it's simply the audio tracks adding together which makes it sound louder. if you want more control over the audio, use
    • Mar 25 2020 | 7:05 pm
      thanks for the answer Rob, Yes surely they are sounding louder when played all together after load, but I am not referring to that. If you turn ON the metro on top of the patch the movies play one at the time, there I can clearly hear that the first movie sounds normal, the second louder and the third way louder.
    • Mar 25 2020 | 8:29 pm
      I am routing back the output of my computer and checking the amplitude of each single video, as u can see the second and the third are getting louder
    • Mar 25 2020 | 10:40 pm
      weird, i can hear it now. i'll take a look.
    • Mar 25 2020 | 11:16 pm
      Thanks a lot Rob!!!
    • Mar 26 2020 | 1:17 pm
      I started using the as I need to interactively and continuously change the rate of the video and it seems behaves the best in this situation. I noticed an other curious behaviour thou, maybe this is related to the previous problem and can help? check out the attached video
    • Mar 26 2020 | 4:20 pm
      thanks for the video but the best way to get this addressed is to send along the patch and movie file you used. can send to me privately if preferred.
    • Mar 26 2020 | 5:23 pm
    • Mar 26 2020 | 5:24 pm