Welcome to the Cycling '74 forums!

    Nov 18 2011 | 8:59 pm
    Please take a moment to review this Q&A.
    How do I get started?
    • Create an account http://cycling74.com/wp-signup.php.
    • Before posting a question, search the forum archives and product documentation first.
    • Add an icon to your username by visiting http://en.gravatar.com/.
    How do I sign up for notifications and feeds?
    • If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed, look for the RSS icon at the top of the main forum pages.
    • If you want to get system notifications, at the bottom of all the forum pages and posts, check the "Notify me of follow-up replies via email" box. Or subscribe to a topic by clicking the "SUBSCRIBE" link at the top right side of the topic. You will receive any new topic replies via email.
    • By clicking the "FAVORITE" link at the top right side of the topic, it will act like a bookmark and can be viewed/shared with other users on the site.
    If I have a problem, what information should I post?
    • Post your patch. (Try and edit your patch so that it just includes the problem area.)
    • Place comments in your patch to illustrate what should happen and what does happen.
    • Include instructions on how to operate your patch to get the errant behavior.
    • If using Max 5 (or newer), use Copy Compressed to copy your patch into your forum post. Watch this short video for instructions: http://youtu.be/34cxCjPU_Ts.
    Please note: If you have trouble posting a new topic with a copy-compressed patch in it, an alternative method is attaching a zip file of your patch to your topic. If you have trouble with either posting or attaching to a post, please send us details.
    What kind of HTML code may I use?
    • Above the reply box on any topic, there is a list of HTML tags for your use.
    How do I open those compressed or condensed patches?
    • Watch this short video for instructions: http://youtu.be/34cxCjPU_Ts
    How do I share a finished project or tool made with Max?
    • Reach a wide audience by adding it to the Projects or Toolbox on this website http://cycling74.com/community/. After it's published, it will appear in the "Misc" forum. Also, it will appear on your "author" page and a number of tools/projects will be appear under your personal icon/gravatar.
    Projects and Tools are fed into the Cycling '74 social media streams and are also featured on cycling74.com.