x-touch mini controlled by Max on Mac

    Sep 05 2017 | 1:07 pm
    Hi - just bought the X-Touch mini controller (by Behringer) which so far seems great (more solid that the Korg Nano and really cheap). Only bad thing is that they made an editor only for PC, not for MAC and I would like to access (by midi, by sysex whatever) the possibility to change the Buttons (switches) from Momentary to Toggle (and vice-versa). Does anyone (maybe working on PC and able to "spy" what the editor sends....) know what message does it need ? (of course they are ways to kind of do it with Max, on the patch, but changing this behaviour on the hardware would be great) thanks kasper

    • Dec 16 2017 | 11:48 am
      Hi Kasper, I just bought one and I'm starting to play with it. I haven't played with that specifically, for I just wanted to change all encoders to pan mode , but I used Virtualbox with Windows 7 on Mac to set up things with the editor and it worked perfectly (you just need to add the pre-recognized xtouch mini to USB filters in USB settings, it is easy). You can get it working easily using https://github.com/xdissent/ievms for free.
    • Aug 22 2018 | 11:03 pm
      Hi, could you elaborate a bit more Felipevaz? I have Windows 7 running on Virtualbox and have downloaded x-touch editor but it doesn't recognize the x-touch mini it seems. Any help greatly appreciated :)
    • Aug 23 2018 | 11:31 am
      Hi Gregory, you have configure which USB ports will be listened to in Virtualbox so that they can be forwarded to the applications running in it. I haven't used it in a while and I have to reinstall it, so I can't give more details at the moment, sorry. As I remember, xtouch will show up in as an USB device in the Virtualbox. Maybe you have to install the "guest additions" virtual CD in Virtualbox as well, as this allows for greater integration with the host OS. Not sure if I needed it for that purpose back then.