xp4l, a new 3d audio system for Ableton live

    Sep 17 2021 | 8:05 am
    Hi everyone, a little self-promo :)
    After months of works, and borned from a cross residency in artistic research between IRCAM and SAT Montreal, i have released xp4l (xp for live), a fully integrated solution designed to expand with simplicity Ableton Live potential toward the field of spatial sound design or performance . The goal of xp4l is to provide Ableton users with a flexible and simplified environment to create 3d audio projects.
    It is made of a free m4l (max-for-live) suit consisting of 5 devices and a standalone application that users have to purchase. The project is partly based on Ircam Spat library, a max-msp object library unique for its ability to simulate virtual acoustic spaces. Therefore, xp4l is intended for past, new or future users of the Spat library. Although possible before xp4l existed, accessing the library from Ableton Live in the max-for-live environment through a flexible format by users was made complex, and this fact deprived the majority of creators from taking advantage of this incredible tool. xp4l provides Ableton users with a solution that will alleviate this problem.
    xp is super dynamic and flexible, comes with literally a lot of functionalities, to name a few : supports all system up to 62 channels out (ableton limitation), all spatialization algorithm (vbap, hoa, binaural etc), a generative engine to animate sources based on jitter library, and cherry on the cake, a very easy way to record multichannel stream from Ableton.
    More info www.xp4l.com or https://cycling74.com/projects/xp4l or https://forum.ircam.fr/article/detail/xp4l-a-flexible-spatial-sound-system-for-ableton-live/
    Hope that will interest the community!
    greetings from Paris, -e