Yamaha RS7000 - Midi / Sysex patch help!!!

    May 17 2021 | 2:57 am
    So this is a long shot, I was wondering if anyone has any experience sending the Yamaha RS7000 midi information and wouldn't mind sharing a patch with me? Or at least leading me to the right direction.
    I'm working in Max MSP right now and the Midi implementation is far more confusing than I expected (having already created a Yamaha TX81Z midi interface in Max, figured the Yamaha RS7000 would be just as simple... I was very wrong, hah).
    For instance the TX81Z message format is simple enough:
    sysex_start / yamaha / MIDI_Ch1 / (18=VCED 19=ACED) / FreqOp1 / PARAM (0-63) / sysex_end
    So in Max the message looks like...
    240, 67, 16, 19, $1, $2, 247
    But I can't even figure out where to begin with the RS7000, any info would be very helpful!
    Here's the manual, Midi Implementation Chart starts on page 325: https://www.platinumaudiolab.com/.../yamaha_rs7000_manual...
    Thanks in advance!