Advanced Max: FFTs, Part 2

In the second in our series on using the FFT in Max, spend 30 minutes exploring FFT windowing and applying this new knowledge to the noise reduction and Forbidden Planet patches we built in Part 1.

All the tutorials in this series:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I've tried this tutorial

Bang! Finished it!

I had some trouble, but got through it.

I did not get this tutorial at all.

Feb 08 2017 | 2:33 pm

Great tutorial. Looking forward to part 3 already. How could you store different fft frames, in a file or a matrix for later re-use?

Feb 09 2017 | 5:45 am

@Graeme: yes, you can. For instance these tutorials (data written in a matrix), or in the Max examples, Extras -> Examples Overview -> MSP -> phase-vocoder-sampler (data written in a buffer~).

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