This week, Cycling '74 checks out some hardware that plays well with Max, and cycles to the home of the Altiverb.

On The Road: Audioease

Our "On The Road" reports normally involve Cyclists making a quick visit somewhere and reporting on what was there.

This week, Cycling '74 presents the astounding AudioMix package for mixophiles, and visits with improvisor/Max maven.

Artist Focus: Jeff Kaiser

Jeff Kaiser and I started playing together almost as soon as I turned up in LA at the beginning of the 2000s.

Content You Need: AudioMix

Build Your Own Mixer The AudioMix package, created by the formidable Manuel Poletti, might take you by surprise.

This week, Cycling '74 talks Ableton and laptop orchestras with a long-time Max user and fills you in on the plot~ object (spoiler: you win!).

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