Fluit-Joint Mono synthesizer (Max and Mini variant)

The filter VCF also cuts OSC 1-2, FREQ-GLIDE - and Glide LFO effects It works in conjunction with Glide, adding Noise transforming it into the Crack! Filtering we can send it to the ENV.


Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception.

synthcore gen~ library

>6 months in the making and the first of its kind, the Synthcore library contains a hundred functions written in Cycling '74 gen~ codebox for audio.

Bluetooth SIXAXIS PS3 MIDI Controller App

Using MaxMSP to receive all the control data from a PS3 controller and converting it to MIDI messages to be used with any program that accepts MIDI.

Sound Globe

Sound Globe is a musical controller that maps the rotational speed of a sphere to musical dynamics. Musician performs by spinning a sphere for dynamics control and sliding finger on the membrane potentiometer for pitch control.

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