This week, Cycling '74 talks with a composer/Maxista and helps you build the better Throbbing Techno-donut.

Content You Need:

Are you looking to dive into audio-responsive visuals, generative graphics, and multiples in Jitter? Rob Ramirez, Cory Metcalf, and I have been working on a package called that combines our collective realtime wisdom to simplify the process and open up new possibilities.

Artist Focus: Ashley Bellouin

What were your first experiences with electronic music? I went to undergrad at Mills College where I was exposed to making music with electronic instruments, studying with Maggie Payne, taking her moog class.

Mugs and T-Shirts Now Available

It's been quite awhile since we had merchandise available for sale, so I'm happy to announce the release of new mug and t-shirt designs.

This week, Cycling '74 chooses a favorite Max object (and tells you why) and muses upon another oblique source of inspiration: a remixed Victorian novel.

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