Interstream is a datamoshing app that allows users to datamosh between movies, live cameras & streams fluidly in realtime, no more slow editing of I-Frames! Datamosh from low resolution video to 1080p HD using several bloom, mix and directional moshing modes.


A new way to control midi-controllers in Max (only Mac OS).

“Voyage Apollonian”: Innova Recordings

"Voyage Apollonian" is an album of my recent works for violin and interactive computer.

Audio/Visual/Lighting LIVE PERFORMANCE

This performance set are all developed by Max7 and operating MSP/JITTER/DMX in realtime for live performance.

Macchina Performativa 7

The Macchina Performativa 7 is a logic system created as prototype for the realization of the chamber-opera “Patrick”.


Homeostasis is an interactive installation for 2 people that share his heart’s beat and some hand manipulation to find the perfect harmony. This project aims to compare the theoretical aspects of my Ph.D.

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