(SHARE) Transcribe words to notes

    Feb 13 2020 | 2:28 pm
    Hello !
    I want to share with you a patch that transcribe any word to notes. You can transcribe it to different scale, choose the root scale and the tempo to play note sequences. By the way, I want to improve the way I use to output notes. For now, notes are shown in a message box, but it's not the best aesthetic way since the message box vertical size change randomly with the amount of notes to show. Is there a way to show the note list in a fixed size area ?
    Thanks !

    • Feb 13 2020 | 3:52 pm
      Showing text in a fixed area: [textedit] You can 'append' to display letter by letter if you want.
      Showing notes if you are happy with one note/chord at a time: [nslider]
      Showing multiple notes on moving staff: [bach.roll] (from the 'bach' package) Maybe you can add your letters/words here too, I don't know.
    • Feb 13 2020 | 3:53 pm
      Nice! Very well done. You could use a [textedit] in read-only mode in place of the message box:
    • Feb 13 2020 | 5:07 pm
      Ah yes ! I didn't thought about textedit in that way ! It makes sense ! Thanks ! (Hello Jean-François, it's Cyril from Montbéliard conservatory if you remember :)
    • Feb 13 2020 | 6:07 pm
      Bien sûr, Cyril ! Two further details in your patch: - make sure you set the "Play" button mode to "Button", not "Toggle" as it is. - maybe loadbang some bpm value. Excellente soirée à toi !
    • Feb 13 2020 | 6:42 pm
      Thanks ! I solved the "Play" button bug. It switch automatically to toggle at patch start even if I choose button, but when I disable parameter enable, it works know.
      For the BPM, I put a 200 value with "initial value", but with the copy compressed, it seems the initial parameter don't work (only when patch is saved).