[Sharing] Algorithmic Composition methods in N4M

    Feb 28 2020 | 11:31 pm
    Hi all! I'm working on a library inspired by total-serialism algorithmic composition techniques. It is a result of my research while working on my livecoding environment Mercury. It works great together with packages like Tone.js and Tonal.js, but can also be used nicely in node.script inside Max as well! Please use as you like and also feel free to contribute ideas, suggestions and make pull requests on the github!
    Latests additions to the total-serialism package are Lindenmayer string-expansions, Fibonacci sequences, Pisano periods and Hexadecimal rhythms (inspired by Steven Yi's hexplay in csound livecode)!
    Here you can find the package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/total-serialism
    Here you can find a basic patcher that demonstrates a few of the available methods: https://github.com/tmhglnd/total-serialism-n4m
    Here you can star/follow/fork the project and make pull-requests/bug-reports/suggestions: https://github.com/tmhglnd/total-serialism