[sharing] MC Utilities Package

    Jun 07 2019 | 9:50 am
    Hey everyone!
    I updated the mc utilities package that I released half a year ago. It can be downloaded for free here: https://gum.co/UyBoPv
    The package contains 9 abstractions that are used with MC in Max8. mcToMatrix~ and mcFromMatrix~ can write and read an MC-signal to a jitter-matrix, other abstractions have the functionalities similar to ZL-objects but applied to the MC-domain. All objects have helpfiles with small examples/explanation. You can download the package and place it in your ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages folder. Enjoy and happy patching!
    includes: th.mcToMatrix~, th.mcFromMatrix~, th.mcScramble~, th.mcIndexmap~, th.mcRot~, th.mcRev~, th.mcNth~, th.mcMth~.

    • Jun 07 2019 | 12:56 pm
      hey timo, looks nice. can you explain, how we can download the package to test without paying.
      best, hhh
    • Jun 07 2019 | 1:00 pm
      Hi! You can just enter 0 as a price if you want to download it for free, no worries.
    • Jun 07 2019 | 1:11 pm
      thank you very much for the fast response :-) now its working ! will test the patches.
      best, hhh
    • Jun 07 2019 | 1:37 pm
      Thanks Timo!
    • Jun 07 2019 | 2:46 pm
      Thank you for the support Michele, glad you like it!
    • Jun 07 2019 | 6:04 pm
      Nice work, Timo.
      Have you submitted this as a Project?
    • Jun 07 2019 | 7:45 pm
      Thanks for the share!
    • Jun 10 2019 | 10:58 am
      Hey Tom, thanks! And no, I have not. But now that you mention it, I will!