[solved] multichannel live device with graphic view in patcher

    Feb 05 2019 | 12:18 pm
    Hey, just sharing that there because it took me some minutes to figure out : how to instantiate correctly an amxd~ device in multichannel, with graphic view, in a max patcher. 1 - In max object box, type mc.amxd~ @chans x @patchername "mysuperamxd" @mcisolate 1 (replace x with the number of channels you wish for, and mysuperamxd with the name of your m4l device) 2 - in inspector : turn "show view in patcher" on (and turn "isolate parameter channel" on if not done with @mcisolate argument) - unfortunately, setting "viewvisibility 1" beforehands doesn't work for some reason.
    That's all, maybe it will help someone ! :)