3d morph with 3d model

    Mar 31 2021 | 2:20 pm
    Hi I'm a bit stuck on a project. I'm trying to find a way to have a fluid morphing between different states of the same 3d model. With jit.gl.model I 'm reading a model in .obj format, with 7 differents face expressions. I can see all of them succesively with drawgroup, but I cannot move from one to one in a fluid way. Is there a way to do this with transition ? Also, do you know if there is a way to have some transition between two different textures applied on the same model ? Thanks in advance for your answers !

    • Mar 31 2021 | 4:39 pm
      Jitter only natively supports skeletal animation via jit.gl.model.
      but you can hack something together by piping the drawgroups into a jit.matrixset via jit.gl.model matrixoutput, and then drawing via jit.gl.mesh. maybe better to use 2 matrixsets and a jit.xfade to blend. probably requires the drawgroups to have the same vertex count
      basic starter patch below:
    • Apr 01 2021 | 12:56 am
      Hi Rob, thanks a lot. That's good direction ! Is there a way to keep the textures inside the jit.gl.mesh ?
    • Apr 01 2021 | 6:12 pm
      drag and drop the texture image file onto your unlocked patch to load it into an fpic. add a jit.gl.texture object. connect the image fpic to the texture, and the texture to your jit.gl.mesh. connect a button to the fpic and send a bang.