A request for Max

    Aug 22 2020 | 2:29 pm
    it happens also to old Max-foxes to create a folder or a name with a slash (e.g. Song/texts/melody), I know this is deadly. It would help a lot, if the drop file-object would spit out a warning, if a name with a slash appears. Is that possible to implement? It's not in the front of thinking and it takes forever to find it...Sorry, I know it's my stupidity, but it happens... Thanks

    • Aug 23 2020 | 2:47 am
      you could solve it by requesting the type or trying to open the whole path, going through it segment by segment: user user/Song user/Song/texts <- doesnt open, so "texts" is not a folder user/Song/texts/melody <- opens, so this folder is called "text/melody" but may i ask when you need that? for storing and recalling paths it should not matter. more problematic is when a filename has a slash...
    • Aug 23 2020 | 6:22 am
      OK, I need it for an app I built that works as a powerful presentation software and to load in files for the presentation I use dropfile. But then if there are some old files that contain slashes in the name it refuses. Anyhow it is not a big issue, only disturbing sometimes. Thanks for considering.
    • Aug 23 2020 | 9:56 am
      aha, so when it is in the filename you would probably need the atoi surgery toolkit in addition. not sure if it is worth, maybe someone has a better idea. and while you are on it, windows is even more restrictive than max, hopefully you dont have + or {} in your filenames.