adportaudio_setdeviceindex: device -1 not found!

    Dec 14 2019 | 6:35 pm
    Hi gang, I have a stand-alone Max 8.1.1 64bit installation running on Windows 10 Professional (also 64bit, obviously). It's sporadically used stand-alone but mostly as the Max for Live engine within Ableton Live 10 (10.1.4). All my main audio environments (Live & Reason) utilize the N.I. Komplete Audio 6 (through the N.I. ASIO driver) whereas all my stand alone software (such as Max 8) uses the default Windows audio setup (shared mode). I prefer this setup because it allows me to quickly perform some tests and experimentation without having to set up my entire studio every time (my Audio 6 is usually disconnected). So here's the part I don't understand. Every time I start Max I'm greeted with this error message: adportaudio_setdeviceindex: device -1 not found! ... and I just can't understand why this is happening. Why would it bother trying to access devices which apparently don't exist? Probably needless to say but despite this error message everything works as expected; Max provides me with a regular sound source. It's just this weird error message. In the end it's a mere inconvenience (nothing serious) but I don't enjoy error messages which shouldn't be there, especially when working with programming environments.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give me!

    • Jan 13 2020 | 12:59 am
      Well, update. It took me a while but as mentioned: the error was an inconvenience at best and I mostly use Max within Live ('Max for Live').
      But I managed to solve it, sorta, in the end I'm not exactly sure what's happening but...
      I changed the audio output device to "ad_directsound" and as a result... no more error messages yet I still have full audio output using my speakers.
      I'll probably try to look into this error some more "later" by cross testing it with other synth environments. But for now I'm happy: I can fire up Max 8 whenever I need it and without weird error messages!