As beginner as it gets right here!

    Jan 24 2018 | 10:53 pm
    Hi all, I'm a new user and I'm glad to be apart of this whole thing, that I barely know anything about. I'm currently using Max for Live to produce videos that I can combine with music. No syncing, just generating visuals through videos/images, and then using iMovie to combine audio (I warned you in the title, baby steps). A couple of questions off the bat: - I want to eventually project these visuals with a projector, and maybe in my wilder dreams have them synchronized to a metronome, or something so they are truly intertwined- - but as for now, I'm just trying to get into projecting. What projection interfaces are preferred in this community?
    Also, I'm wondering what is essential in order to produce hi-resolution content. When I use the kaleidr, I see low quality data... it looks like 240p, all which was attempted with a webcam. Now, I'm trying to use a better quality video from the start to see if it will really affect the outcome. But recently, Max will take forever to load (e.g when everything is locked and I 'play' the video, I just get a loading circle) and won't play the content. I have a MacBook Air if that means anything. Is my computer able to handle what I'm trying to do?
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and I'd be more than happy to explain in detail anything I'm trying to ask. Thanks in advance!