ASIOGetClockSources returned 1 (Sound card issue)

    Aug 11 2016 | 10:20 pm
    This problem was discovered with the Resident Audio T4 thunderbolt sound card, running on Windows 10 64 bit via an Asus ThunderboltEx II PCI adapter.
    In my exchange with the company, they thought the issue may be on MaxMSP's side, as the interface does function with similar environments like Audio Mulch.
    Here was the report I gave:
    I am reporting a bug in the Windows driver for the T4.
    In the software MaxMSP, when attempting to switch to T4 ASIO 2.0 driver, the console reports: ad_asio: ASIOGetClockSources() returned 1.
    This means that the driver cannot be enabled for this software. The only workaround is to pass through ASIO4ALL to the T4 instead, which forces passthrough of WDM and incurs additional latency associated with it.