Audio Settings Standalone windows 10

    Jun 25 2020 | 9:30 am
    I observe following issue : if one activates standalone option to disable closing of top level patcher, "Can't close top level patcher" one has to quit the standalone using menu command or shortcut ctrl Q But that prevents it from writing Audio settings into preferences. If one on the other hand closes all windows, that quits standalone and prefs files get stored. I know since many years that max writes audio settings on quit, and this seems to be buggy in windows version.
    applies to both max 7 and max 8 -------- I usually totaly disable quit by any other means other than a custom "quit" button to enforce some actions before app quits. The way Max quits on windows - that is impossible. using message ; max quit to quit standalone also ends in not written audio settings .......... or using any thispatcher window settings like notitle, nomenu, fullscreen etc - anything that forces max to quit before it thinks it closed all windows.
    Can that be repaired at some point ?
    Mac versions do not suffer from that problem