bpatcherception (!?)

    Jun 01 2016 | 4:20 pm
    Well I have the following problem...
    I have a [bpatcher] within a [bpatcher] withing a [bpatcher] etc... about 6 levels deep.
    The thing is that there is a couple of [js] objects (not all!) that when placed, lets say in the 5th level [bpatcher] work fine, but placed in the 6th level, they don't find their js file. I must say that the [js] object is created dynamically, if that makes any difference.
    But, mysteriously, if I open to the 2nd level [bpatcher] (right click -> object -> new view of ....) and trigger the creation of the [js] in the 6th level [bpathcer], from there, it is again fine. Close the "new view", and trigger the creation through the top level, and it gets a "can't find js...file" error again.
    Does anyone else has problems with nested [bpatcher]s?

    • Jun 01 2016 | 5:51 pm
      maybe it is an initialisation problem? GUI inside bpatcher gets very slow when in the 5th subpatcher. maybe you should try avoid going so deep, 3 levels is the absolute maximum IMO.
    • Jun 01 2016 | 6:05 pm
      Well, its more like 4 levels.. but anyway, there are other js files at the same bpatcher that load fine, and when I built the project it works fine as a standalone. I had the same problem with another project, that used at most 2 nested bpatchers. Its like Max randomly decided to semi-reject (!?) a couple of js files..
      And even as in initialization problem, the "problematic" bpatchers (that include the non-found js) are created dynamically when the user wants, way past the patcher's initialization (I think..).
      I usually avoid many bpatchers, but I dont think that now its an option.
      Anyway, thanks for the answer Roman, I'll post any updates on the matter.