bug? mc.rect~ seems to freak out when using fm + pwm

    Jan 15 2022 | 1:13 am
    I'm getting some weird behavior when trying to synthesize a hi-hat-type sound using mc.rect~ with FM and Pulse Width Modulation. It sounds ok at first but then quickly sputters out into some weirdness that I can't figure out. This mostly happens when pushing the FM index past 1. If I reinstantiate the mc.rect~ object in the patch, it sounds ok again for a while but then goes back to sounding somewhat like a CPU overload or something like that.

    • Jan 15 2022 | 1:15 am
      Oh, I'm noticing the cpu quickly shoots up to 80%+ and then everything goes terrible. So it does seem to be cpu issue. This actually seems to oscillate, i.e. I can see the cpu meter go up and then come back to 0, where it will sound ok until it gets to 80%+ again.