Changing Signal Vector Size in Max4Live - Problem

    Oct 12 2018 | 8:58 am
    Hi all, Please help! I am trying to access the signal vector size from within a max4live device, in order to bring it to 512, as requested by some 3rd party spectral processes I need to integrate in the device, but it keep being 64 smp and nothing seems to work. I first assumed it was linked to the buffer size of Live, but changing it has no effect whatsoever on that value within max. I tried change it manually using the menu in the audio status window when the m4l device is open for editing. The menu shows all other values but no matter which one you choose, only 64 will be set. Obviously the same happens if using the adstatus objects. Is it 64 really the only usable value? I am sure there should be a way to access it, otherwise all spectral processes with regular 512 or 1024 fft windows would be impossible, and i would be curious to know how the creators of devices using fft have been dealing with this issue... (Unless pfft now adjusts to smaller buffer sizes by chaining together consecutive buffers???).
    I am using live 10 but still on max 7, could this be the issue? I read there could be some driver limitation if a max 8 license is not present on the machine, but still this seems a fairly serious limitation... Can anybody point me to the right direction please? It is a fairly important thing. Thanks a lot and happy patching!

    • Oct 12 2018 | 9:18 am
      perhaps you can put you patch in poly~ an set the vector size for the poly~.
    • Oct 12 2018 | 9:46 am
      Thanks for your suggestion DOUBLE_UG, but unfortunately it is not possible to allocate a bigger vector size in the poly~ than the mother patch. Only the other way around is possible: you can have a poly with vs 512 if the general vector size is 1024, but not 512 with a general vs of 64). It just throws an error...
    • Oct 22 2018 | 8:38 am
      Ping. Sorry to insist but this thing is keeping me stuck and the fog is getting thicker. Finally I purchased the actual max8 and now the audio status doesn't seem to influence the vsize at all. I might lack information on how the connection between live and max work, there is something going on under the hood obviously, but there seems no way to influence it.
      I upload a snapshot of the m4l device open, dac on, buffer size of 512 and the audio obviously running somewhere else, since the vst loaded in the m4l device still doesn't get the 512 sample it requires. Obviously, just to be clear, it works on pure Max and I already tried changing Vsize in Live.
      I would really like to hear an official answer on this. Is there really no way to change the vs from a m4live device??? It seems such a problematic limitation to me... Thanks a lot for the help
    • Oct 22 2018 | 12:04 pm
      cant you can use pfft~ instead of that third party external?
      plug-in interfaces usually dont let you change their vectorsize for a reason. you might say thats also true for dirac :) ...but who was first?