chords list

    Dec 28 2017 | 7:07 pm
    I've been looking in the max forums for a big list of chords, to feed my colls and create a chord sequencer or arpeggiator, and all i have found are simple example patches here and there, with small lists of most common chords. There are many m4l apps and standalone patches which integrate big lists of chords, but unfortunately i couldnt open the source, so i decided to do it by myself.
    I've been collecting as much chords as i could for some days and created my personal list, which i want to share with you all because i know this can be useful for others which, like me, are searching and not finding what they look for.
    attached you'll find a txt file with this list, also formated in the coll style. Hope it can be of some help for someone
    cheers, and happy new year!