coll not working inside poly~

    Apr 20 2016 | 9:17 pm
    I am fairly new to Max and MSP and have attempted my first "big" patch and have run into a problem. I'm making a micromontage-style patch and as part of it, I have a poly~ with a coll in it which has data that is used to run a groove~ object. From outside the poly~ I have a control structure which is sending integers to poly~, telling it which coll entry to select. It seems that the coll is not accepting the integers it is receiving.
    I know that poly~ is receiving the integers as I have a print object within the poly~ patch telling me what numbers it is getting from the main patch. This is getting the right output. I also have another print object connected to the outlet of coll which prints the output of coll. This is getting no output.
    Is there something about coll within poly~ that I don't get?
    The patch has several bpatchers and abstractions and I have attached the most salient ones (can only attach 4 files to this message) just in case it is useful but appreciate that this may be pretty convoluted. The problem lies with messages going from the "firing system" in the main patch to the engine patch which is being used by poly~.
    I am also very open to any other suggestions that people may have about improving the performance / efficiency of this patch or any other general tips!
    Thanks in advance,

    • Apr 20 2016 | 9:30 pm
      Ok, feel bad - I just removed the "prepend note" from the control structure before it is sent to the poly~ and is now working fine. Sorry for wasting anyone's time. Don't know why I didn't try that before...
      Apologies, Simon