Copying from a jitter matrix using 'planemap' and 'frommatrix' in javascript

    Oct 15 2020 | 7:33 am
    I am trying to understand part of the implementation of a particle system in 'Tutorial 46: Manipulating Matrix Data using Javascript' , however I have found that the tutorial seems to be missing text.
    Part of the tutorial describes summing the content of several planes of a jitter matrix into a single other matrix by using '.planemap' and '.frommatrix()' instructions. The tutorial reads 'First we copy plane 0 of distmat (the squared x distances) into z distances) into summat2. We then add summat and summat2 again'.
    It looks like there is text missing from the first sentence. How '.planemap' can be used to select a plane from a given jitter matrix to then overwrite it with a given plane from another jitter matrix using '.frommatrix()' is not clear from the tutorial .
    Would it be possible to find (or make) an updated version of the tutorial with the missing text or is there a succinct explanation for how a particular plane of a given matrix can be copied into particular plane of another matrix without overwriting any other planes of the matrix in MAX MSP / Jitter with javascript? Is there another tutorial on this or on using '.frommatrix()' in the MAX / Jitter documentation?