Corrupt object while accessing the Live API - what does it mean

    Nov 07 2017 | 1:47 am
    I am working on quite a complex project involving multiple devices across tracks using javascript to implement a multi-channel looper on a launchpad. I am getting an error that I can't sort out:
    typedmess: api_handlemessage: corrupt object
    When I get these errors, part of the implementation breaks. It only happens when I start using more than one device. They use the same javascript file, so I am wondering if there is some conflict with all the variables/objects I am using. Does anyone have any idea what these errors could be indicating, or what I could look into?

    • Nov 07 2017 | 8:14 am
      Can you post some code - hard to say without seeing what's going on.
    • Nov 07 2017 | 12:24 pm
      Posting some code really doesn't get to the meat of it - I only see the error when trying to set this up in a Live Set with multiple instances on different 'slots'. The device works fine in isolation, and I see nothing wrong with the code as it is, just only when multiple instances are deployed, so I think there might be some general issue with javascript and live objects that I am overlooking.
      You really need a Launchpad to test this. Place one instance of the device on track and set the slot to 1, then hit the init button, and go into User 2 Mode. All is good, you can record audio, slice it, tap tempo, metronome, etc. When you add a second instance, and select slot 2 and then initialize the second device, trying to use the device by going in and out of user 2 mode, interacting with some of the buttons, etc, will eventually give the corrupt object error, and all the controls/LEDs from the slot 1 device will not function properly.
      I apologize for the mess and lack of comments, this is a work in progress.