CROPPR inputs 3 and 5 have no effect on image

    Apr 09 2021 | 3:52 am
    Vizzie CROPPR object inputs 3 and 5 (corresponding to 1st and 2nd Y source positions) have no effect on the final image connected downline. The sliders move in response to inputs like numbers or LFOs, but no change to image. Manual operation of the sliders does change the image. The corresponding X source inputs work fine, as do all the destination inputs.
    Looking at the guts of CROPPR, there is a "prepend set" feeding the rslider on the path from those inputs that is not present on the properly functioning input paths. At first blush, removing it seems to solve the issue, although I'm not clear if it's there for a purpose.
    While spelunking inside CROPPR, I also noticed that there is a phantom "unpack 0. 0." object in the input 2 path that has no outlet connections, hence appearing to either serve no purpose or be a broken/incomplete path.