Each OSC message trigger a "udpreceive: [port 9998]: Dropped packet. Total dropped packets:nnn" error message

    Sep 14 2020 | 3:00 pm
    Hello, Suddenly every OSC message received by an udpreceive object triggers this error message: "udpreceive: [port 9998]: Dropped packet. Total dropped packets:nnn", with nnn being the current count of packets.
    What can cause the udpreceive to be able to count the packets but drop them anyway? This is the first time I have this issue.

    • Oct 30 2020 | 3:17 am
      for some reason I had the same issue just now, probably because I entered a command by accident. patch cables would also freeze in position when dragging object boxes around, so my main guess is that Max crashed out of nowhere. as dumb as this sounds, restarting my computer literally did the trick for me.
    • Oct 30 2020 | 9:57 am
      Yes, same solution here.