Error 126 mira_ws_server on Windows - Ircam installation


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    Jan 27 2022 | 7:21 pm
    We are developping an audio installation at Ircam, based on Windows OS, which uses Miraweb to communicate with Chrome. However, Max cannot fetch Miraweb, and returns an Error 126 for mira_ws_server at startup, and it subsequently cannot load any miraweb object.
    Is there a workaround available for this issue ? We're using : - Windows 10 - Max 8.2.1 - Miraweb 1.2.6 Thanks a lot !

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      Jan 27 2022 | 8:18 pm
      I solved it by downgrading both Miraweb and Max to previous versions.
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      May 09 2022 | 3:56 pm
      Hi ROMBART, I'm running into the same issue.
      What versions did you downgrade to?
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      Guillaume Pellerin
      Nov 02 2022 | 12:14 pm
      For me it works with downgrading Miraweb to 1.2.5.