Examples of live instrument improvisational effects?

    Nov 09 2015 | 1:12 am
    Hello all. I've been tinkering with Max for a few months now and am currently working through Giri/Cipriani's second EMaSD book, and while I'm coming up with a lot of small ideas, especially ones for sample manipulation, I still feel a little out of my element. For the past decade, I've played mostly guitar and synths in punk and experimental pop bands, and it was Fennesz and Jim O'Rourke who eventually made me ask myself "why am I not investing all my time in Max." So far, I've been having a wonderful time exploring ideas and trying to figure out some of the externals I've found, but I still feel a little... not at home, I suppose.
    Are there any good examples of patches built for live instrumentation and improvisation? Something that could take a guitar signal, synth, or even vocals, and show me what kinds of ideas people have explored in that realm? I've discovered that most of my attempts to develop things in Max are still somewhat single-function and focused on modulating things I've build from the kslider or build around boring little loops. Are there any good links that anyone could provide me to more hands-on effects for live adc~ based stuff? Being so much more familiar with that side of performance, I'd like to try and build a little more knowledge from that direction.
    Sorry if this is a super basic question. While I feel like I've learned a lot, I'm still putting the pieces together, and I feel like it would help to get my hands on more complex signals that are initially generate from outside max where I'm more familiar with them.