Export video using Jit.movie / Jit.qt.movie


    Matt Raftman
    Aug 03 2023 | 2:56 pm
    Hi I have a problem with jit.movie
    In the past I used jit.qt.movie to export small snippets from large video files using the commands: newmovie, append, flatten and timecodes for the selection
    but now with the new max version, jit.qt.movie is replaced by jit.movie + the avf engine and this method this does not work any longer
    is there a similar way to do this with jit.movie ? or do i have to fall back on jit.record ?
    I used jit.(qt).record earlier before i used the newmovie/append/flatten method, but i preferred the latter because it’s very elegant since it doesn’t recompress so its a lot quicker and has better image quality

    • Rob Ramirez's icon
      Rob Ramirez
      Aug 03 2023 | 5:03 pm
      yeah all that functionality got chopped many years ago with the deprecation of quicktime and removal of 32 bit application support in macos.
      My recommendation is to learn how to use ffmpeg and call into it from shell. chatgpt can be quite useful in this.
    • Matt Raftman's icon
      Matt Raftman's icon
      Matt Raftman
      Aug 04 2023 | 2:55 pm
      Ah yes I know ffmpeg, i also use it. Didn't make that connection, was thinking about it a bit too much inside of the box ;) So u mean i can make Max generate a .sh batch script for ffmpeg right? a very good tip, Thank you very much! (although its a bit saddening that on this point max functionality has become less rather than more.)