Filesize amxd

    Mar 26 2020 | 12:36 am
    Oi lads, i have a huge patch (around 22mb) and i've optimized and deleted a lot of objects (over 40 pattr objects e.g.). But to my surprise the patch has the same size (22mb) as before. It's a amxd file with a integrated bpatcher inside (where the magic happens). Then i've deleted the whole bpatcher (so almost nothing inside the patch now) and it's still 21mb..
    Any suggestions why the patch is still the same size?

    • Mar 26 2020 | 2:49 am
      With the help of Facebook (thx robert) I solved it. It had something to do with the frozen data in the amxd file. I deleted the original file in the Max For Live Devices folder, all old frozen data is gone now. And now the file is 2mb.
      I feel stupd sometimes..