FluCoMa Double Release

    Jan 14 2022 | 11:44 am

    FluCoMa double release

    Today we wanted to share a few releases that we (the FluCoMa team) have been working toward. We are a research lab who seeks to enable music making with collections of audio by making machine learning and machine listening techniques available for musical coding environments, alongside a set of supporting resources. Firstly, a preview of 7 pieces premiered last summer, remixed and re-edited by @Angela - a short clip to show what ties in all the works. We'll release a piece every other week, starting next week with Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer. Watch it here:

    Liminal Spaces: Presentation

    Secondly, a new series of “Made with FluCoMa" articles showcasing the relation between musicking, underlying thinking, and creative coding of artists commissioned to create pieces using our toolkit. To start, we release two today: Olivier Pasquet and Lauren Hayes.