Fluido - a click free audio router for dynamic effect chains (100% GEN)

    Apr 27 2018 | 11:54 am
    Dear all,
    i just want to give something back to the community as i received good tips a lot of times concerning my journey though the gen universe.
    I programmed a patcher that is capable of performing dynamic effect chains in realtime without any clicks. Here are the features:
    - up to 8 effects can be included in the setup (VST; AU; max / gen effect,...). - the effect routing is triggered by 8 sliders (one for each effect) - sliders manipulate one effect parameter (e.g. low pass filter frequency if you want to include low pass filter). - when slider is touched and effect parameter is changed routing will immediately take place - so you can perform low pass filter (e.g FX1) then chorus (e.g FX8) and then reverb (e.g FX3) / 1=> 8 => 3 - then you can move chorus filter down to 0 (slider) and the chain would be 1 => 3 - if you then move chorus filter slider back up the chain would be 1 => 3 => 8
    So I think you understood the story :-)
    Please see setup instruction in the GEN CODE TOP SECTION.
    One thing: I am looking for well balanced, latency reduced audio filters / effects like low pass, high pass, chorus, flanger, comb, ringtone,... and also more adventures ones like mashup and stuttering effects. The problem I am currently having is that most of the filters that I got from the community or the max examples are not well balanced so they distort or they do a lot of overdrive when parameters are changed. So I would appreciate if you have balanced version of filters where a change of a parameter provides good sounding results.
    Best regards

    • Apr 27 2018 | 10:32 pm
      Thanks, this seems interesting. I suppose with VST/AU support then some very nice filters are available from commercial sources.
      I wonder if this is adaptable to a Max4Live device. But then, maybe Ableton already manages its effects chains without clicks.
      I wanted to test out my Roli Lightpad and this seems like a good test. Pressure could be mapped to some parameter for each effect.
    • Apr 28 2018 | 8:02 am
      I don't think that Ableton manages effect chains dynamically so that it re routes connections on the fly. You can use this patcher with any device no matter if it is vast au or max4live. It is designed for live performances where you need a lot of flexibility without thinking about routing :-)
    • Apr 28 2018 | 8:11 am
      Nice. In Ableton you can make something similar with chains in the Audio Effects Rack.
    • Apr 28 2018 | 8:32 am
      Really inspiring. Thank you.
    • Apr 28 2018 | 3:53 pm
      not only philosphically it makes a big difference if you change the routing between subcircuits (such as a plug-in) or if you exchange the positions of these subcircuits while the connections to them remain the same ones.
      howver, no matter ifyou break a signal chain or not, in both cases one might feel the need to interpolate the gain.