Focusrite Scarlett vs Clarett

    Aug 04 2018 | 11:35 am
    I want to have 8 inputs and do live processing (various plug-ins + fft processing) then feed that to a 5.1 system. Would the Scarlett work without any significant latency or should I go for Clarett Thunderbolt interfaces?
    Also, if I want to get more inputs, is ADAT going to introduce any disturbing latency?

    • Aug 04 2018 | 12:02 pm
      Can't say much about Scarlett - Clarett comparison, but ADAT pipeline itself will not introduce any significant latency. The theoretical statement : " Super-low roundtrip latency was measured at 2.74ms, working at 96kHz with a 32 samples buffer on Logic Pro X, running on a Mac Pro and OS 10.11" on Focusrite site is saying nothing, as Your CPU load will force You to use Signal and Vector I/O size that will allow Your patch to run smooth.