Gen~ exported code consumes up to 200% of cpu instead of 70% in VST


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    Apr 08 2015 | 12:16 pm
    I would like to ask the developers the following: while trying to build my software as VST plug-in from the exportcode .cpp file I pass the compilation successfully. However, when I load .dll plug-in in the Host software like Ableton 9 it consumes more than 180% up to 200% of cpu power compared to 70% as Max for Live device.
    I currently experience a lot of cpu spikes while in Max for Live mode making a patch of no use in real-time operation. And only automatic resetting of gen~ parameters solves this issue.
    Question: Does Max load gen~ patchers with a limited behavior or does the buffering mechanism is not sufficiently programmed on Cycling '74 side?
    I mean that VST plug-in sounds much smoother in operation compared to the same gen~ patcher loaded as Max for Live? I can compare the sound of VST to Max for Live while experiencing cpu spikes and dropouts. The windowing functions and modulations works much smoother. Is it a reason of consuming more processor resources?
    Best, Ruslan