Help - recompiling old externals from source code

    Nov 20 2020 | 7:50 pm
    This is my first topic, so apologies if I posted it in the wrong category or something.
    I have an HID device, to which I'd like to send messages to, not just receive, which is something that the built-in "hi" object can not do. I've found two old implementations ( by Max Egger and hidio by H.C. Steiner, O. Matthes and D. Merrill) that are too old to run on modern 64-bit macOS (originally compiled for PPC and 32-bit). However, the source code is still there - any advice on how to actually compile it for modern 64-bit Mac systems for someone who has never written a single line of actual code in their life? Or - and I know it is a large task, but I desperately need these objects, so maybe for a lesser fee - could I get someone to recompile them for me?
    Thank you!

    • Nov 21 2020 | 7:03 pm
      sometimes you can get someone to recompile here for you(here's a bump to get this thread back up to everyone's attention)... but if you might want to change the code or continually improve it(or even manage future updates when needed), i'd recommend just studying the SDK, download it here: then visit that link to the docs as well, and the basic stuff you need to read are mainly in the first few pages: especially here: under "Important Project Settings" where it says:
      The easiest way to create a new external is to choose one of the existing SDK examples, duplicate it, and then change only the settings that need to be changes (such as the name of the project). This will help to guarantee that important project settings are correct
      👆often quite easy... but i've not looked at the 'hi' code myself, can't say for sure(since it probably doesn't involve audio or video, you won't need to bother with those sections of the SDK docs). anyways, hope it helps 🍻
    • Nov 23 2020 | 10:52 am
      Hey! Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll study the SDK documentation, and if I can make sense of it, that's probably what I'll stick to. Thank you for the links, and the tips! I'll go down the rabbit hole. Have a nice day!