How can I send udp imformation to a DMX box

    May 23 2018 | 5:50 pm
    Hi everyone.
    I am a freshman about max/MSP. I prefert to use max to control some lights. To this purpose. I plan to use the object call "udpsend" in max for sending parameter to a usb-DMX box to control some lights.
    Could you tell me how to deal whit this
    The question maybe included in
    1. How can the DMX box connect to the computer. And which kind of DMX box should I buy. A usb-DMX box? Or an DMX box which connect to others by RJ45 wire?
    2. In my experience. Before I use the "udpsent" object to send something. I must set up the IP address and port information about the receive instrument. Is there an IP address for each DMX box when the box connected to a computer?
    3. As if now I've connected the udpsend object to DMX box. What is the FORMATE of DMX information like?
    For example. The OSC information may writed as a sentence like "/a/fader1 127". Which formate I can use for sending the correct DMX information so that the light would anwser the order? Thank you very much!
    And I am so sorry for my bad bad bad English! My reading english ability is better than my speaking english......