How do you make a loadmess object in M4L device bang when opening Live Session?

    Feb 13 2018 | 8:34 pm
    I need to obtain the id of the live.path thus getting other objects such as selected track, devices. But it seems I have to bang it out manually every time I open the Live session.

    • Feb 13 2018 | 9:15 pm
      The device is in a drum rack/chain...
    • Feb 13 2018 | 10:57 pm
      check live.thisdevice
    • Feb 14 2018 | 12:31 am
      Hi Morgan, Thx but live.thisdevice is not working under this condition. The device is in a drum_pad/chain and several instances are in other drum_pads/chains. I have to bang live.thisdevice in each of the instances of the device whenever I load the live session. I am looking into M4L.api.SaveLivePath. Or perhaps I will trigger it with midiin...
    • Feb 14 2018 | 2:22 am
      hmm, I'm not quite sure why you're still having to manually bang it. . .
      live.thisdevice is sort of the equivalent of loadbang in standalone max. Maybe you're needing rather than just live.path? Here's some m4l patch that might help... If you can explain what you want the id of the device for a little more, I can get more specific.
    • Feb 14 2018 | 2:23 am
      ...the comment on the left of that pasted patch should say *, not live.object
    • Feb 15 2018 | 6:19 pm
      Hi Morgan,
      In fact the live.thisdevice was doing its job. But the flow was interrupted at a get selected_chain method. That is why every time when opening the live session I had to manually bang each instance of the device in the drum rack.
      Getting the path from where the device is, is the clever approach. I just had to go back one step in the final path using zl.ecils 2 and observe the whatever property (ex:color) of each chain automatically. But I have to reload the live session every time I make a change to the device in max dev environnement for it to work. Otherwise each instances of the device get stuck on the same id.
    • Feb 16 2018 | 4:25 am
      So you're having trouble just when editing now? You can double click the live.thisdevice or bang it to refresh. easier than saving and closing. I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do and what might be the problem. could you post a patch?
    • Feb 17 2018 | 5:55 pm
      No need to save the session. And closing and opening up the session again confirms that the method is working.
      Also adding a live.thisdevice or replacing the loadmess for the exemple on the right side doesn't resolve anything. The interruption still occurs except to the instance of the device in a selected_chain (if any, depends on the save state) after opening the session.