How to get a simple message from an OUTER server (not the local one), like Mira, but global?

    Mar 08 2021 | 7:46 am
    Dear maxers that are also node-for-max experienced: I have difficulties on some really silly and simple thing: I d like to pass a little text or a "string" that I write into a html form of a website to a max node server so, that i just get tis text into my max patch, nothing extraordinary, right? so please help me to find right (key)words and arrange the
    • html-file,
    • node.script-file
    • max patcher file
    so that it works, locally and globally... I combed the whole internet and node.js / max-node examples, many interesting and exciting stuff but not this simple silly thing like configure an "input form" in a browser so that it passes a string to max patcher..BTW, i do it with Mira and Xebra, but it works only LOCALLY, (localhost), my problem is to get the same from ANY browser from ANYWHERE...Thank for you time and patience! Yours,reso