how to solve flickering screen

    Sep 04 2019 | 11:05 am
    Hello. I have recently run into an issue in Max where some patches actually make the screen to flicker. I'd like to know if there is something I can do or is it a glitch or a problem with my video driver? Intel HD Graphics 620 AMD Radeon R7 M440 Please help

    • Dec 08 2019 | 7:23 pm
      Have you had any luck? I'm searching for threads about this....
    • Dec 14 2019 | 4:42 am
      I have the same issue. When opening any built application (.exe) or when maximizing a patcher/application after it was minimized. I contacted support and reported the bug. Only thing that works for me is to add nominimize message to a thispatcher object.
      Win 10 Nvidia GTS 450
    • Dec 14 2019 | 2:02 pm
      Hey can you explain a bit better what works for you? I've been told I should change my GPU, which makes sense really. Please do specify what you did. Cheers
    • Dec 14 2019 | 11:43 pm
      Tale, See the attached patch. For some reason this fixes the flickering for me.
    • Dec 16 2019 | 7:55 pm
      Hey, thanks a lot. I will be trying it. Cheers