Improviser in Max (looking for feedback)

    Apr 27 2020 | 7:02 pm
    I've been working on a computer improviser in max (my working title is "scuffed computer improviser) over the past several months and it's still in development but now in a somewhat functional state and I would love to get feedback on it from whoever is interested in trying it out. Looking for feedback in terms of both programming as well as musical function. The improviser is audio-corpus based, so it "learns" to make sound by listening and analyzing incoming audio. Here is a link to the project: A video on how to set it up and get it running: A video of my demoing it: Things I would like to improve: - get rid of dependencies on for markov chain and fiddle for pitch and attach detection. Trying to do these things in javascript, but not yet advanced enough to get it working! - perhaps replace the windowing function with something more robust and less prone to clicks - improve the improvisers ability to remember what it did before to get some sense of larger musical form or sense of intelligence - some sort of neural-network based improvisation behavior