inconsistencies using absolute paths with .. on Mac

    Oct 16 2020 | 4:10 pm
    Wierd things happen to paths with .. in them to go back up (e.g. from thispatcher's path), like System:/Applications/ which never works, or /Applications/ which works for abspath and buffer~ but not for conformpath. Similar weirdness for paths to a directory for polybuffer~:
    path type				conformpath	abspath (poly)buffer~
    Volume:/abspath/filename		OK		OK		OK
    Volume:/abspath/../path/filename	ERR		ERR		ERR
    /abspath/filename			OK		OK		OK
    /abspath/../path/filename		ERR		OK		OK 
    Volume:/abspath/dirname			OK		OK		OK 
    Volume:/abspath/../path/dirname		ERR		ERR		ERR
    /abspath/dirname			OK		OK		OK 
    /abspath/../path/dirname		ERR		OK		OK  
    I suspect this is from the SDK's path_topathname, any hints or corrections are appreciated. Cheers... ..Diemo