javascript snapshot API with vst~ in max for live

    May 16 2016 | 5:51 am
    Running into some discrepancies in how the snapshot API works with the vst~ object in max for live.
    this patch works as expected in Max (when opening the amxd to edit in max) getting the number of snapshots from a vst~ object with an argument specifying the plugin returns the correct number of snapshots.
    also - if you select the desired plugin with the umenu and then get its snapshots, the number returned is correct.
    however when running in live, only the vst~ object with an argument specifying the plug-in correctly reports the number of snapshots that exist for that plugin. If you select different plugins using the umenu, the number of snapshots is always 0.
    any ideas?

    • May 16 2016 | 3:20 pm
      It seems a vst~ must be loaded and saved before its snapshots will appear in max for live. Seeing how this requires an open/edit/save in Max, not very practical. Wondering if there is a workaround for this?