Jet engine synthesis

    Apr 23 2020 | 11:05 am
    Hi all,
    I am relatively new to MAX and am looking for a way to do synthesis on jet engines including the various stages of the engine. The overall sound would be altered through RPM data of the engine.
    But as I am new, I have virtually no clue as to where to start. Anyone up for it to help me with that?
    Best regards,

    • Apr 23 2020 | 11:21 am
      Hello, I would recommend you to start trying to listen the different components of the engine you would like to recreate. Those components, lets say could be, filtered noise basically and some oscillators? A good way to see the spectral components of a sound is though FFT analysis. You can use spectroscope~ in sonogram mode to do that. Other method would be to transpose or filter a jet engine sound recording.
    • Apr 24 2020 | 2:19 am
      i´ve synthesized "jet engine" as part of synthesizing 3d audio. the jet itself consisted of two parts: the wheee and the brrrrschpt. the brrrrschpt is easy; i used a noise multiplied by a pink multiplied by a pink followed by a butterworth lowpass filter around 300 Hz. the wheee is more difficult, because a cluster of sinewaves doesnt sound very real when there is no modulation - and when you put modulation in, the modulation doesnt sound very real. :/ in my case i then had to describe a modulation path for the movement from the nose to the rear end, covering 180 degrees from the side (which will later be synced to the 3d audio modulations.) a jet sounds completely different from the front than from the back as you can imagine. and dont forget that the sound you have in your head contains already a lot of filtering, distortion, doppler effect, and reverb/echo. so when you start, compare only to samples you find (youtube) of jets which are standing still. that is what you want to synthesize first in line. (for a realistic explosion just let explode your car in the garage, sample it, and pitch that down for one octave. only do this if you are over 18.)